We offer you the fastest, most reliable and customizable suite of Discovery, Deposition, and Trial support services on the market.

iNSERViO3 specializes in service. At the core of our service and the meaning of our name is the ideal of care. Our unique brand of white-glove customer support, technical expertise and precision has made us an industry leader in legal support solutions of all kinds. From traditional paper-based discovery support to highly technical eDiscovery solutions, managed document review, deposition exhibit preparation, trial support and more we have provided our services to law firms, corporations, and governmental agencies all across the country.

No project is too big or too small for us to provide a personalized solution that will perfectly fit your needs.

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Leading Legal Support Services Firm Announces New Acquisition in California

iNSERViO3, a privately held, national leader in legal support services, today announced that it has acquired IVAMS, an Arbitration and Mediation services company located in Southern California. The acquisition will allow both companies the ability to greatly expand their service capabilities as well as exponentially increase efficiency by consolidating their respective operations.








Although the majority of materials now exist electronically, traditional paper discovery is still a huge part of the legal landscape and presents its own unique challenges. We maintain around-the-clock production centers and a large, experienced staff to make this component of your project a breeze. From basic photocopying and binding, to digital imaging, image conversion, OCR and coding services, to document production printing, preparation of trial materials and witness kits, and beyond, we’re ready to meet your paper needs with lightning fast turn arounds and rigorous quality control.

Document Scanning, Printing, & Copying

  • B&W, Color & Oversize
  • Document Labeling/Image Endorsement
  • Onsite Scanning/Photocopying Services
  • OCR/LDD, Indexing & Coding Services
  • Print from TIFF/PDF/JPEG
  • Binding & Finishing Services
  • Standard/Custom Tab Insertion
  • Demonstratives/Enlargements/Trial Boards
  • VHS/CD/DVD/Microfilm/Microfiche/X-Ray Duplication & Conversion
  • Document Reconstruction Services
  • Courier Services

Cloud Based Repository Services

Tired of filing your records on paper? Looking for a paperless cloud-based solution? ImageSilo is an ultra-secure, on-demand Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system offering all same features and functionality of an on-premise ECM system. Outsource your data storage with ImageSilo and get secure online access to information anywhere in the world at any time, instantly – without capital expense or increased administrative burden.

Benefits of utilizing a cloud-based repository:

  • Convert capital expenditures into tax-deductible operating expenses
  • Gain regulatory confidence with evidence of audit trails, security controls, user activity, document history and records retention policies.
  • Protect data physically and electronically with controlled access and 24/7 system monitoring
  • 99.9% up-time guarantee ensures data is always available
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Records Management

Inservio3 provides all aspects of professional archival storage and records management services utilizing highly secured, state-of- the-art facilities, 4th-generation industry expertise married with today’s latest technology.

Our innovative services increase accuracy, reduce labor costs, improve efficiency and help you meet your retention and corporate and governmental compliance mandates. We provide a fresh, powerful, modern approach to an extremely mature industry and client services unlike any other. Let us help!

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Document Shredding Services

As part of our storage, management, and scanning services, Inservio3 provides 100% Certified Document, DVD, Film, Video and Paper Shredding. All items that are earmarked for disposal are  securely shredded in-house and with a shredding certificate.

Working with Inservio3 means that we can guarantee your shredding needs have been performed properly, securely, immediately – and environmentally consciously as we recycle all the materials we shred to make sure that we are operating as “green” as possible.

Records Retrieval & Subpoena Preparation

Turn to iNSERViO3’s team of Industry Veterans and Legal Secretaries for all of your subpoena and records retrieval needs. In addition to preparing all types of Subpoenas, Notices to Consumer, and Notices of Deposition, we also look over your matter from start to finish to ensure compliance with State and Federal laws.

• Deposition Subpoena for Production of Business Records and/or Personal Appearance
• Civil Subpoenas for Appearance at Trial

• United States District Court Subpoenas
• Workers’ Compensation Subpoenas
• HIPAA Authorization Service

Service of Process

Our Process Service department is a league ahead of the others. Our registered and bonded Process Servers are willing to go the extra mile to get your  documents served, and our team of analysts provide a personal touch, providing regular updates and suggested next steps when necessary.

We understand how important valid and timely service of process is to your case, and we do what it takes to get the job done.

Deposition Officer Services

As your designated Deposition Officer, iNSERViO3 will handle the task of tracking down your subpoenaed records, whether we prepare and serve the papers, or you do. Simply e-mail or fax us a copy of the subpoena or your request for preparation, and we’ll handle the rest. We understand how important timely receipt of subpoenaed records can be to your litigation, and our team of experts go above and beyond to perform all necessary diligence, and to ensure your production is properly certified.

  • Medical, Billing, Radiology, Employment, Scholastic, Insurance, Business Records, etc.
  • Media: Paper, CD-ROM and Secure Online Web Hosting
  • Scanning and Imaging – On-Site or Off-Site
  • Sequential Image/Page Numbering

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Consistency is why nearly 90% of our clients hire us for repeat projects.

What puts us ahead of the pack is our excellence in managing engagements and projects. Our dedicated teams bring everything together with an eye on our client’s objectives-and remain with your project until its complete. Our specialists go further than just carrying our instructions. We apply a highly consultative, value-added approach to every project, asking the right questions at the start to keep the end result on-track and on-budget.

Data Forensics & Investigations

Inservio3’s team of full-time, certified forensics advisors and investigators are experts in data acquisition, analysis and recovery, as well as collection and preservation of evidence—across all of the most widely used data types, sources, platforms and devices

Our Certified Data Forensics Examiners throughout the US and in the UK help clients around the world uncover data that can make or break cases, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and forensically sound procedures and tools. They are experienced in courtroom preparation and testimony and deliver trial- proven, comprehensive reports of all findings.

Our forensic examiners have testified in numerous criminal and civil proceedings, in jurisdictions around the world. They bring decades of combined experience in law enforcement, information security, data forensics and investigations to every engagement.

ECA & Investigation

Use data analytics to quickly analyze and intelligently organize your data to assess the overarching facts and determine case strategy.

Uncover and differentiate important information about the data in your case—like file formats, volume, and date ranges—while inspecting custodians and key concepts. Use this new found understanding to help gauge the size and scope of your case, predict costs, and strategically prepare for meet-and-confer conferences.

Defensibly eliminate non-relevant data to reduce data volume and simplify downstream review.

Tag and group documents by conversation, concept, language, or other relevant metadata. Uncover similarities and get down to a targeted list for external review.

With valuable insights quickly identify potential red flags and tag documents for further examination.

Processing & Hosting

Our processing platform and multi-use repository streamline the elements of the eDiscovery process that have the most influence on downstream project costs and timelines. Comparisons show that our technology delivers 2X faster processing of full native file data sets vs. leading industry alternatives

In addition to reducing processing time, you’ll see hosting and quality improvements. By storing and syncing work product from multiple cases in a single-instance repository, you’ll avoid redundancies, control costs and create fewer opportunities for error.

Our fully integrated processing and hosting technologies provide critical time-saving, error reducing inter-connectivity between multiple industry-standard review platforms including Relativity, Ipro Eclipse and any other SQL-based tools.

Classic Edition: Law firms with smaller volume, less complex, single-matter eDiscovery projects without ECA
Professional Edition: Law firms (and corporations) with larger volume, more complex, single-matter eDiscovery projects with ECA
Enterprise Edition: Corporations (and law firms) with serial, multi-matter litigation who will benefit from a data repository and work product reuse

• Custom integration of Ipro Automated Digital Discovery (ADD)
• Optimized for and integrated into multiple high security SOC 2 Type 2 environments
• Automated quality control designed to eliminate data inconsistencies throughout the discovery process
• SaaS-based
• Custom SQL protocols for on-demand push to new Relativity review database
• Custom object integration for more efficient ECA

Managed Review and Productions

Our Managed Review services are designed to amplify your internal resources with the experts, processes and technology to help execute on your objectives. Our tools and experience mean expedited turnaround times without compromising quality or accuracy.

We challenge assumptions based on our experience and ask the right questions at the start of every project to ensure we keep your review on pace and on budget.

Our dedicated recruiting team can quickly staff your projects from a deep pool of highly qualified reviewers working independently or with your team. Our reviewers bring not only substantive training and background but also industry, sciences and linguistic expertise.

Our document review advisors- all licensed attorneys and former litigators with years of hands-on discovery expertise- can leverage the full breadth of our vast technology tools and certifications to provide you with the speed, consistency and actionable intelligence you need, allowing you to control budget and schedule.

We maintain 7 turnkey review centers worldwide maximizing productivity and data security. Additionally, we provide secure remote review solutions that let you get all the right documents in front of the right technical, specialized or substantive expertise resources regardless of location.


• First and Second level Review
• Privilege Review and Logs
• Witness Files and Deposition Preparation Support

• Chronologies of Key Documents
• Foreign Language Review
• Predictive Coding and search filtering

iNSERViO3 has deep knowledge of the multitude of production formats required by hundreds of different governments and agencies-as well as the wide range of litigation support tools. Selecting the right production format initially can help you significantly reduce costs as well as mitigate errors, delays and inadvertent disclosures.

• Mix of image based and native documents in one load file with custom file naming, numbering and watermarking
• Metadata scrubbing and document redaction integrated into production
• Production to virtually any government specification
• Export load files for all common litigation support platforms

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As a component of the discovery phase, we realize that the successful taking and defending of your depositions are not only critical components to your overall strategy, it could make or break your case. That’s why we specialize in helping teams stay focused on the truly important aspects of their deposition preparation and leave the document prep, logistics and related pre and post deposition details to us!

Exhibit Preparation

  • Hi-volume on-demand document scanning and printing services
  • Exhibit binder preparation and assembly including standard/custom tab creation & insertion
  • 10 nationwide production facilities plus an extensive network of national and international affiliates
  • 24/7 dedicated project management and logistics support (free local pickup & deliveries to hotels, offices/etc.)

Electronic Exhibits – eDEPOZE

eDepoze is the first deposition exhibit software that allows you to electronically prepare exhibits for deposition and then securely introduce them with an iPad or laptop. The convenience of showing up without boxes of paper is liberating and eDepoze eliminates the paper process aggravation and cost. It’s simple to organize and surprisingly easy to use. Here’s how it can help you…

• No need to print, bind or transport documents. Just bring your laptop or iPad
• Share individual copies of each exhibits with all parties when its introduced, just like passing copies around the room
• Mark individual exhibits on the fly with custom exhibit stamps
• Maintain official versions of exhibits and personal, annotated copies
• Participants at remote locations can view and receive exhibits instantly
• Maintain confidentiality of documents until each is introduced as an exhibit

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Translation Services

Turn to the team at iNSERViO3 to provide legal and technical translations services.

Highly qualified translators with relevant experience

Our translators are native speakers in the target languages and dialects of your particular project. They’re tested for translation accuracy and cultural fluency.

Our policy and procedures follow strict ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 27001 requirements

We’ve assisted clients meet numerous US Government regulatory requirements and can provide certifications and notarizations as needed.

Our translation plug-in, built directly inside of Relativity, gives users access to a secure software solution designed specifically for optimized translation of ESI without the need to import or export documents.

Transcription Services

iNSERViO3 offers you the most comprehensive range of transcription options in our field. Our expert legal transcriptionists can convert nearly any form of recorded speech—audio, video, digital recordings of any interviews or proceedings—into hard copy or e-text with speed and accuracy.

  • Quality certified and uncertified transcription
  • Transcription of audio and video filesfrom all file formats, as well as webcast/internet streaming, videocassette, audio cassette, microcassette and cell phone recordings
  • Proceedings such as depositions, arbitrations, court proceedings, statements, interviews, surveillance, phone calls, voicemails, meetings, internet webcasts, seminars and presentations
  • Transcripts available in a variety of electronic formats

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You’ve gone through thousands of documents and distilled things down to the handful of key exhibits that will ultimately make your case. With all your preparation behind you, the stage is finally set for you to present your evidence in front of a judge and jury. That’s when clients turn to the team at iNSERViO3 to help manage the critical details.

Exhibit Preparation

  • Hi-volume on-demand document scanning of trial exhibits for upload into Trial Direction, Sanction, and more.
  • Exhibit binder preparation and assembly including document printing and standard/custom tab creation & insertion
  • 10 nationwide production facilities plus an extensive network of national and international affiliates
  • 24/7 dedicated project management and logistics support (free local pickup & deliveries to hotels, offices/war-rooms/Court House/etc.)
  • Demonstrative evidence exhibits & enlargements: photos, maps, timelines, calculations

Trial Technicians

We will ensure that you are matched with the right expert technician to carefully integrate our support services with your strategy. Our experienced technicians work with your trial team to ensure that your months and sometimes years of exhaustive complex work will be presented to the jury in an easy-to-understand manner.

Our team of technicians have undergone extensive training in leading trial presentation software platforms and have an intimate knowledge of all hardware in a courtroom setting. They operate under the highest standards with the best equipment in the industry and have experience handling hundreds of trials, arbitrations, and mediations around the world.

The pre-trial and trial presentation services consist of state-of- the-art technology including video encoding and video synchronization, color imaging, document coding, OCR, database management, interactive exhibit creation, hot-seat operation, and complete digital trial technology.

Equipment Rental

Call us today to rent presentation equipment for your next trial. No matter your needs, we offer affordable equipment rental for a half day, a full day, or an entire week.  We offer the following equipment, along with all cords and adapters:

• Display Monitors
• SMART Boards
• 50”, 60”, or 65” Plasma Screens
• Document Projector (ELMO) and Screen

• LCD Projector and Screen
• Microscopes
• Light Box
• and more.

Trial Graphics & Animations

We can provide you with the latest graphic design and multimedia story tools to present any demonstratives to both explain your case and persuade the jury.  Juries have been known to retain information better when it is communicated to them in compelling visuals that tell a story they can both hear and see.

We have used graphic and digital designers to create animations for use at settlement hearings, mediations, and at trial. Our team of consultants will help you determine the best type of animation for your needs, whether it is a 2D, 3D, or interactive animation. In order to ensure accuracy and admissibility, we work closely with the trial team and the experts in your case at all stages of animation creation.

We can offer your team the solutions and services that are right for your case. Please call us to learn more and to schedule a consultation.

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Since I began working with Peter in 2013, I have been able to count on him when I’ve needed him the most and he always comes through for me. Peter is very reliable and I know the project is in good hands with him.

Managing Partner, Costa Mesa, CA
Marco Godinez, RJ Tracey and Jay Schmidt have been absolutely invaluable to my team for over a decade. I wouldn’t think of turning to another team of experts when the stakes were the highest!

Case Manager, Chicago, IL
I’ve known and conducted business with Johnnie Graham for close to 20 years – he is the perfect service vendor.  Knows his business, is thorough and offers suggestions and options to better serve our clients’ needs.  Best I can say is, he is always “Johnnie on the spot!”

Paralegal, Austin, TX
We have worked with Dennis Eccles for 15 years. We have found Dennis to be bright, capable, conscientious, and reliable. Dennis is flexible and cooperative–he gets the job done no matter what the urgency. I recommend him with confidence and without reservation.

Managing Partner, San Jose, CA
Inservio3 is the definition of professional. Services are prompt and precise. Employees are polite and polished. Most importantly – they will regularly go above and beyond to help you in your moment of crisis.

Legal Assistant, Irvine, CA
Top quality work, knowledge and professionalism is why I have consistently worked with Damir for over 17 years. Damir is my go-to person for even the most complex litigation discovery projects. I never worry when a project is with Damir. Working with Damir is always a great experience.

Compliance Manager, Pittsburgh, PA
Inservio3 has always exceeded my expectations which is why I opted to try their new subpoena service. Once again, they did not disappoint. Their staff is friendly, reliable, and competent and always a pleasure to work with. Thanks for all you do Inservio3!

Legal Assistant, Tustin, CA
I have had the honor of working with members of the iNSERVi03 team for 10 years and the customer service they provide has always been of A plus rating. My Representative Thai Tran is responsive, dependable and a pleasure to work with. Thai customer service skills are absolutely amazing, I couldn’t ask for a better Rep.

Paralegal, San Jose, CA
My experience with Inservio3 has been great! Anytime I have been on a crunch/time limit, they have pulled through and got the job(s) done in a timely fashion. I highly recommend them for all your litigation needs
Paralegal, Aliso Viejo, CA
I have conducted business with Lou Garcia and iNSERViO3 for over 10 years.  I was first introduced to Lou in 2008 through a colleague who recommended his services in a crisis moment.  Lou’s dedication to assist in our emergency situation compared to no other.  I have utilized iNSERViO3’s services ever since. Most notably, Mr. Garcia and his team assisted my current employer in one of the largest mass settlements recorded.  Lou and his team have managed to produce over 50,000 packets since 2015. This was a service many contending companies chose not to partake in due to the mere size of the job and the tedious tasks that accompanied it. However, Lou and his team at iNSERViO3 stood true to the challenge and have not disappointed. iNSERViO3 continues to be a part of our team to this very day.

Paralegal, Houston, TX

I have worked extensively with Sheri Webb and her team at iNSERViO3 for the past several years and have found her to be a diligent and conscientious person. She has assisted me with the service of subpoenas, summons and complaints, etc. Her knowledge of procedure in serving subpoenas, etc. is excellent. There has been more than one time that she has noticed a potential problem with service and has gone out of her way to correct the issue, explain why it needed to be corrected and successfully completed the serve. Any email I send with a question is promptly answered. Her follow up is excellent and everything she has served for me has been done in a timely and professional manner. It makes my job easier and less stressful to work with someone like Sheri.

Legal Assistant, Irvine, CA
iNSERViO3 provides me with a level of support that I did not receive from other companies. From subpoena preparation to document retrieval the team at iNSERViO3 has consistently exceeded my expectations. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the subpoena process and provide friendly service with fast turnaround times. They are in constant contact with the facilities to ensure that documents are produced in a timely manner. This is especially helpful with those locations that are notoriously hard to deal with. It has been a pleasure to work with them and highly recommend their services.
Paralegal, San Francisco, CA
We’ve recently decided to use Inservio3’s services to prepare deposition subpoenas. We provided the name of the entity and a list of documents we were requesting. Inservio3 did the rest. They provided a draft of the subpoena and upon approval, served the appropriate notices and then the subpoenas. Well worth the service. We would highly recommend Inservio3.
Paralegal, Irvine, CA

I have worked with Byron Portobanco for the past seven years – he is the perfect vendor. He knows his business and is willing to go the extra mile when needed.  He is quick to offer additional suggestions and options to make sure the end result of my projects are exactly what I need.  His attention to detail makes my job easier.  I will definitely continue working with Byron for years to come.

Paralegal, San Francisco, CA

What a pleasure it is to work with Dana Parker and her team!  They always go above and beyond for their clients.  I remember a time specifically, I called Dana needing a quick turnaround for a poster (like a few hours) and the INSERViO3 team made it happen ultimately making the day!!!  INSERViO3 is my go to for all my printing needs.

Architect, Houston, TX
I have worked with Alex Gomez since 2014. I have been able to count on him for whatever project I have needed. He is extremely flexible and easy to work with. Offers valuable advice and gets the job done no matter what type time constraint we are under. It has been a pleasure working with him and couldn’t ask for a better representative.
Paralegal, Chicago, IL
I’ve worked with Ryan Haas and Cameron Baugus for a large part of my 30+ years as a litigation paralegal.  Both of them have kept up with the fast changing and growing technology in their field.  They let me know what is working in e-discovery and what is not.  They are quick to respond to my needs and requests and always happy to help with questions or problems.

Litigation Paralegal, Austin, TX

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