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We offer you the fastest, most reliable and customizable suite of Document Management, Data and
Litigation Support services on the market.

iNSERViO3 specializes in service. At the core of our service and the meaning of our name is the ideal of care. Our unique brand of customer service and support care has made us an industry leader in data and document management solutions of all kinds. From electronic discovery, staffing, file management, litigation support and more we have provided our services to law firms, medical practices, health systems, academic institutions, corporations, and governmental agencies.

We’re all about bringing back world-class service in an industry that has lost its personal touch. No matter the size of your project or the size of your organization, our seasoned team can customize our offerings to perfectly suit your needs. No cookie-cutter solutions or needless up-sells. We provide just what you need, when you need it, every single time. Join our growing list of clients and feel the difference our brand of service makes.

No project is too big or too small for us to provide a personalized solution that will perfectly fit your needs.

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Document management & data solutions are what we get out of bed every morning to deliver. We are ready to go above and beyond, providing customized solutions and unparalleled customer service to every one of our clients. Thanks to our advanced technologies and years of expertise, our experienced team can handle millions of pages without sacrificing quality or accuracy. No matter the size or time requirements of your job we can make your deadline while adding metadata to all of your documents and file conversions. We deliver our services with great care so you can search and access what you need with the greatest of ease and accuracy.

When it comes to security and compliance at iNSERViO3, you’ll never have to worry more than we do about the safety of your documents. Our team is trained to handle documents with the utmost privacy discretion and all of our physical locations and hosted environments feature state-of- the-art security technologies and protective process measures. Plus, we can adhere to any compliance standards needed, including Sarbanes-Oxley, ADA Section 508, and HIPAA standards. Explore the links below to learn how we can create a document management solution that will best serve your needs.


Although the majority of materials now exist electronically, paper is still a critical component of many discovery projects and presents its own unique challenges. We maintain around-the-clock production centers and a large, experienced staff to make this component of your project a breeze.

From basic scanning and reproduction, to on-site scanning, to OCR and coding services, to production printing and binding, to the preparation of trial materials and witness kits, and beyond, we’re ready to meet your paper needs with lightning fast turn arounds and rigorous quality control.

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It’s been more than 3 years since our nationwide push to convert to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and yet the vast majority of all patient information in healthcare facilities still resides on paper. Storing all that paper carries big risks, from lost or damaged records to expensive storage space or time delays in locating lab results.

At iNSERViO3 we can help your healthcare facility reduce costs and improve both efficiency and security with our document management solutions. Our healthcare experience includes hospitals, private doctor and dentist offices, pharmacies, assisted-living facilities and more.

Contact us today to learn how we can streamline your processes and save you money!

Education & Research

Have you considered the money your educational institution could save by digitizing files? Not to mention the added benefit to students and researchers! Imagine if all the resources in your library were digitally scanned and hosted. Multiple users would be able to access the resources simultaneously and, in the event a physical resource goes missing, the digital copy is still securely on file. For research institutions, laboratory notebook scanning is an essential part of any disaster recovery plan and – of course – regulatory compliance. We can scan and produce digital copies (PDFs) of all your laboratory notebooks and provide them to you, or host them for you in an easily accessible and searchable cloud-based environment.

Contact us today to learn how you can maximize your educational resources and better protect your research!

Financial Services

Is your financial services company considering going paperless? We can help!

At iNSERViO3 we create custom solutions for a whole host of financial services clients from financial advisors and planners to internal finance and accounting departments to private accountants and CPAs.

Plus with our high-volume capacity, we’ll be able to support your organization during even the busiest times of year.

Contact us to learn more.

Government Organizations

At iNSERViO3, we have years of experience supporting government organizations as they minimize costs, streamline processes, and improve the overall efficiencies of their document management.

No matter your specialized needs or the size of your project, we can tailor our scanning, digitizing, and hosting services to each specific project to ensure you stay on-time and on-budget.

Contact us today to learn how we can help!

Insurance Companies

Is your insurance company overwhelmed by the idea of going paperless? We’re here to help!

At iNSERViO3 we guide clients through largest digital conversions with ease and efficiency. Our experts have experience supporting all different types of insurers from health, life, and auto to renter, home or umbrella.

Once the conversion is complete you’ll enjoy reduced storage costs, tightened security, and significantly improved efficiency with immediate digital access to all your client files and policy records.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you go paperless!

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eDepoze is the first deposition exhibit software that allows you to electronically prepare exhibits for deposition and then securely introduce them with an iPad or laptop. The convenience of showing up without boxes of paper is liberating and eDepoze eliminates the paper process aggravation and cost. It’s simple to organize and surprisingly easy to use. Here’s how it can help you…


For Support Staff

Depo prep now takes minutes not hours or days. No more 11th hour dash to organize and reorganize potential exhibits. Your attorneys also have more time to prepare their exhibits eliminating the begging game to get documents in advance. eDepoze takes away the hassles of the paper process you dread and replaces it with an effortless, straightforward platform that will give you your nights and weekends back!

For Attorneys

Technology can be scary but eDepoze follows the same paper exhibit workflow you are comfortable with. Designed by attorneys for attorneys, eDepoze lets you focus on the deposition and not running a software program. eDepoze also gives you powerful tools that allow you to control and manage your depositions more effectively. No more fumbling witness and no more explaining large printing invoices to your client.

For General Counsel

eDepoze dramatically reduces your legal spend while ensuring that your sensitive, critical company documents are secure. eDepoze offers a direct impact on Cost Control, Data Security, Process Control and Environmental Impact. Corporate Legal Departments are already utilizing technology for the discovery and review phases of their matters for these reasons and more. Doesn’t it make sense to do the same for depositions?



eDepoze makes the depo prep process a snap.
Just create folders, select the corresponding documents, upload and that’s it!

Introducing exhibits is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with eDepoze.
Just select your document, tap Introduce and stamp & Distribute.

Our intuitive virtual annotation tools give you the ability to mark, direct and emphasize important parts of your deposition exhibits.

Walk the witness through an exhibit by entering presentation mode. Mark up a document, or have the witness do it instead. Other participants can follow along with your presentation or continue working with their own copies.

Change your mind on the document order before the deposition? No problem. You can easily reorganize and rearrange your documents prior to the session.

Looking for that key phrase or word within your documents?
You can promptly run a search within a document to find all matches.

eDepoze keeps a running log of exhibits as they are introduced at the session and case level. You can cleanly export this list with hyperlinks. No more haphazardly slapping together an exhibit log before arbitration, mediation or trial.

eDepoze allows you to mark up and reference a personal copy of your documents for your eyes only. While the rest of the participants are viewing a clean version of the exhibit, you can view your personal copy complete with highlights, drawings and detailed notes.

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We offer a full suite of litigation support services including Traditional Paper Discovery, eDiscovery, and Managed Review. No matter the project or the deadline, you can rest easy knowing the dedicated team at iNSERViO3 is at your service.

iNSERViO3 is your eDiscovery support care partner. We are teamed with our trusted industry leaders at Advanced Discovery to offer you a seamless and unparalleled suite of eDiscovery services, from collection and preservation to fully-managed discovery projects.

Advanced Discovery data centers are SSAE 16 Type II (a.k.a. SOC II Type 2) certified facilities. They employ thorough physical security, including guards, cameras, biometrics, and more. Further security of that data is ensured by adhering to international best practices. Throughout the design and implementation of their systems security controls are used within the facilities to fully encrypt all data in motion, whether physical or virtual, using SSL encryption.

Traditional Paper Discovery Services

Although the majority of materials now exist electronically, traditional paper discovery is still a huge part of the legal landscape and presents its own unique challenges.  We maintain around-the-clock production centers and a large, experienced staff to make this component of your project a breeze. From basic scanning and reproduction, to on-site scanning, to OCR and coding services, to production printing and binding, to the preparation of trial materials and witness kits, and beyond, we’re ready to meet your paper needs with lightning fast turn arounds and rigorous quality control.

• Black & white, color and oversized
• Image numbering
• OCR, LDD, and coding services
• Backfile Conversion
• Black & white, color and oversized
• Document labeling
• Remote location copying (onsite)
• Legal Supplies (standard & custom tabs, folders)
• Trial boards & binder prep
• Trial boards & binder prep
• Bindery services
• VHS/CD/DVD/X-ray duplication
• Print from TIFF/PDF/JPEG
• File conversion to print
• Native file printing
• Document Reconstruction
Inservio3 provides all aspects of professional archival storage and records management  services utilizing highly secured, state-of- the-art facilities, 4th-generation industry expertise married with today’s latest technology. Our innovative services increase accuracy, reduce labor costs, improve efficiency and help you meet your retention and corporate and governmental compliance mandates. We provide a fresh, powerful, modern approach to an extremely mature industry and client services unlike any other. Let us help!
As part of our storage, management, and scanning services, Inservio3 provides 100% Certified Document, DVD, Film, Video and Paper Shredding. All items that are earmarked for disposal are  securely shredded in-house and with a shredding certificate. Working with Inservio3 means that we can guarantee your shredding needs have been
performed properly, securely, immediately – and environmentally consciously as we recycle all the materials we shred to make sure that we are operating as “green” as possible.

Collecting and preserving documents seems simple enough, but projects can quickly border on the impossible thanks to an endless array of file types, device types, and media sources. Together with Advanced Discovery, we’re in the business of making extraordinary challenges seem ordinary and making your life easier.

  • Traditional forensic imaging
  • Collection from Macintosh sources
  • Collection from mobile devices
  • Social media and online sources
  • Targeted, remote collections
Physical or logical forensic imaging; targeted, remote collection; mobile device and social media source collection; forensic recovery and analysis… no matter the task ahead of you, we’re ahead of it. Get all the support you need to win the day from the dedicated team at iNSERViO3.

Mistakes can make the difference for a case, a budget, or even a career. At iNSERViO3 we understand the pressures you face and address them all with one simple tactic: better people. Our world class forensic services team can provide the support you need in any corner of the world.

How well do you know your discovery platforms? Are you up to speed on the latest social media tools? How about tape indexing developments? Put simply, we are experts so you don’t have to be. In addition to total mastery of every major platform in use, we also customize and extend our tools to meet your specific needs.

We’ve taken the most technologically challenging portion of the eDiscovery cycle, processing, hosting, and preparing materials for production, and made it our bread and butter. You can take advantage of best-in-class tools, customized, extended, and supported by our in-house experts, and leverage them to beat the toughest deadlines and streamline the most challenging workflows.

Drowning in a sea of media sources and file types? Our processing team is here to rescue you, and your projects, with smarter data culling that reduces review volumes, customized workflows for everything from Macintosh files to social media sources, and certified experts in every major processing platform.

Knowledge is power, but only if it’s actionable. We’ll provide you with extensive, customizable reports that will inform and streamline your planning, negotiation, and defense of the eDiscovery process. From processing exceptions to file-type distributions and more, we can build a report that gets you the answers you really need — and gets them faster.

Concerned about the safety of your data? Our hosting environments are air tight and even our certifications have certifications. We host most projects in kCura’s Relativity in tandem with our strategic partner Advanced Discovery. Advanced Discovery is a certified Relativity Premium Hosting Partner with Orange and Blue Level Best in Service data centers. Your projects will be supported by one of the largest collections of Relativity Certified Administrators, Specialists, Experts and Masters in the world who will work with you day-in and day-out.

Our team is experienced in all forms and formats of production (native, image, paper, hybrid) and have extensive experience meeting a variety of government specifications (DOJ, SEC, etc). We even customize our production quality control processes for each form and format and additionally support our team through the use of proprietary QC software.

Whether you’re facing an internal investigation, an agency action, or a lawsuit, getting the right information quickly is essential to effectively planning your case and managing your costs. We understand the importance of empowering you with faster answers and our partners at Advanced Discovery have invested accordingly in analytic experts and proprietary extensions of their analytics platform.

Through our partners at Advanced Discovery, we’ve made your life easier by building an ECA tool directly into the analytics platform. The benefits of doing this are:

  • Do all your work in one place, using features and interfaces already familiar to you. A familiar interface reduces the learning curve and eliminates transferring data between platforms.
  • Immediately access all your extracted text and metadata to cull the collection further before full native processing and review. This saves significant time and reduces project costs.
  •  Immediately access all your extracted text and metadata to cull the collection further before full native processing and review. This saves significant time and reduces project costs.
  • Leverage a full suite of analytic features, including TAR, to filter, organize, and prioritize your collection prior to review as well as during it.

Analytics features are essential to sifting the wheat from the chaff. Throughout your project you’ll be supported by a team of certified Relativity Review Specialists, Assisted Review Specialists, Analytics Specialists, Experts, and Masters that will help you take full advantage of time- and money-saving features like e-mail threading, near-duplicate identification, concept searching and clustering, and technology assisted review. If there’s a shortcut to be had, we’ve already found it.

Feeling overwhelmed by a large-scale document review? We understand completely, and we’re here to help.

Enormous reviews present enormous challenges from the identification and on-boarding of qualified attorney reviewers, to setting up a review center, to staging an online review environment, to review planning and workflow design, to metric tracking and quality control oversight.

Together with Advanced Discovery, our managed document review services take all these burdens off your shoulders and provide you with a turnkey solution you can trust.

Beyond the needs of your current project, we can help you improve the design or management of your eDiscovery processes and programs overall.

Doubts about your discovery process? Need guidance with a specific project? Our team will empower you with an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience. In addition to advising you on active projects, our subject matter experts can also guide you through policy reviews, process evaluations, litigation readiness assessments, and data mapping to ensure all your future eDiscovery projects run as efficiently as possible.

Handling eDiscovery projects as isolated one-offs can lead to inefficiency, inconsistency, and frustration. In those cases, we can offer you a managed services solution that will end those headaches once and for all.

Managed eDiscovery services allow you to completely outsource some or all of your eDiscovery functions, saving you time, money and frustration.

Contact us to see if a managed eDiscovery services solution is right for you.

Trial Support Services

When it comes time for your team to prepare for trial, we understand that responsiveness, fast turnaround and service flexibility all take on a heightened sense of importance and are critical factors to your team achieving success. At iNSERViO3 we don’t allow the small details to get lost between our large volume capabilities and offering customized solutions.

We have locations in key trial markets and on-demand ability to provide 24/7 litigation support service & delivery to offices, court houses, hotel war rooms or anywhere else your case may require.

We can offer your team the solutions and services that are right for your case … please call us to learn more and to schedule a consultation.

We will ensure that you are matched with the right expert technician to carefully integrate our support services with your strategy. Our experienced technicians work with your trial team to ensure that your months and sometimes years of exhaustive complex work will be presented to the jury in an easy-to- understand manner.

Our team of technicians have undergone extensive training in leading trial presentation software platforms and have an intimate knowledge of all hardware in a courtroom setting. They operate under the highest standards with the best equipment in the industry and have experience handling hundreds of trials, arbitrations, and mediations around the world.

The pre-trial and trial presentation services consist of state-of- the-art technology including video encoding and video synchronization, color imaging, document coding, OCR, database management, interactive exhibit creation, hot-seat operation, and complete digital trial technology.

Call us today to rent presentation equipment for your next trial. No matter your needs, we offer affordable equipment rental for a half day, a full day, or an entire week.  We offer the following equipment, along with all cords and adapters:

  • Display Monitors

  • SMART Boards

  • 50”, 60”, or 65” Plasma Screens

  • Document Projector (ELMO) and Screen

  • LCD Projector and Screen

  • Microscopes

  • Light Box

  • …and more.

We can provide you with the latest graphic design and multimedia story tools to present any demonstratives to both explain your case and persuade the jury.  Juries have been known to retain information better when it is communicated to them in compelling visuals that tell a story they can both hear and see.

We have used graphic and digital designers to create animations for use at settlement hearings, mediations, and at trial. Our team of consultants will help you determine the best type of animation for your needs, whether it is a 2D, 3D, or interactive animation. In order to ensure accuracy and admissibility, we work closely with the trial team and the experts in your case at all stages of animation creation.

We can offer your team the solutions and services that are right for your case. Please call us to learn more and to schedule a consultation.

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Why do business with iNSERViO3?

Don’t take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say.


I’ve been working with Gibby and his team since 2008 and they have consistently worked hard to produce high quality results. His team is very efficient and is able to complete jobs with a quick turnaround while continuing to pay attention to detail.

Sr. Paralegal, Los Angeles, CA
Since I began working with Peter in 2013, I have been able to count on him when I’ve needed him the most and he always comes through for me. Peter is very reliable and I know the project is in good hands with him.

Managing Partner, Costa Mesa, CA
Marco Godinez, RJ Tracey and Jay Schmidt have been absolutely invaluable to my team for over a decade. I wouldn’t think of turning to another team of experts when the stakes were the highest!

Case Manager, Chicago, IL
I’ve known and conducted business with Johnnie Graham for close to 20 years – he is the perfect service vendor.  Knows his business, is thorough and offers suggestions and options to better serve our clients’ needs.  Best I can say is, he is always “Johnnie on the spot!”

Paralegal, Austin, TX
We have worked with Dennis Eccles for 15 years. We have found Dennis to be bright, capable, conscientious, and reliable. Dennis is flexible and cooperative–he gets the job done no matter what the urgency. I recommend him with confidence and without reservation.

Managing Partner, San Jose, CA
Scott Kelley is the most responsive sales representative I have ever worked with. He’s extremely attentive, have a keen attention to detail and his team has produced absolutely stellar results for my firm for over a decade.

Sr. Paralegal, Irvine, CA
Top quality work, knowledge and professionalism is why I have consistently worked with Damir for over 17 years. Damir is my go-to person for even the most complex litigation discovery projects. I never worry when a project is with Damir. Working with Damir is always a great experience.

Compliance Manager, Pittsburgh, PA
Whenever the stakes have been the highest, Wagner and his team have always been my go-to only point of contact. In an industry where mistakes could literally make or break a situation, I’ve always been able to rely on Wagner’s attention to detail and impeccable results.

Attorney, Washington, DC

I’ve been working with Larry Lee and the team at iNSERViO3 ever since I’ve been in the industry and he’s never disappointed. Regardless of the request, time of the request or complexity, Larry and his team have always been able to deliver quality results.

Paralegal, San Francisco, CA
I have had the honor of working with members of the iNSERVi03 team for 10 years and the customer service they provide has always been of A plus rating. My Representative Thai Tran is responsive, dependable and a pleasure to work with. Thai customer service skills are absolutely amazing, I couldn’t ask for a better Rep.

Paralegal, San Jose, CA
I have never worked with a more dedicated sales rep as Jorge Padilla. In my 15 years of working in Los Angeles I’ve had a chance to work with plenty of vendors and I can honestly say that Jorge’s work ethic and thoroughness are top notch.

Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

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